Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fortunate visit to Mahatma Gandhi's Memorial

Today fortunately, I visited to Aga Khan's Palace Pune.  I was not meant to go there, but as I mentioned  "Fortunately" with two of my friends, before the eve of Independence day, it was a great experience to visit to the pillar of Indian Independence's place, where he spent more than two years(1942-44) of his life and started the 'Quit India' movement.

It was really inspiring to see thoughts(written on the wall and through paintings) of Mahatma Gandhi.
I always think, how can "One" man can be the voice of whole nation and that too that much powerful which shake the unrest-ed Sun of British Empire. By seeing his thought and simplicity of his life I got a little idea of how people are inspired by the greatest voice of the Nation.
                          Mahatma Gandhi was living here
Today I got to know why people was calling a barrister Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as Mahatma Gandhi.
A man who had given everything to nation should be treated so.

People forgot about Gandhi, as do I. But today when I got chance to get close to Mahatma and his ideology,
I really felt great and felt proud to having Mahatma as Indian. He lived his life in simplicity.
                     Cloths and things used by Mahatma Gandhi
A Man who lived his whole life for India and Indian flag
                  A flag worth living for (and dieing too)  used for Quit India Movement
I felt great and inspired by visiting the Place of Mahatma Gandhi's memorial and get along with his thoughts.
              Mahatma Gandhi's Memorial also known as AGA KHAN's Palace Pune
If you get chance to visit the place do visit it, regardless u like visiting memorials or not, you will feel inspired.
Knowing own roots is always good.